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Sue Field

Sue Field is a Health, Wellness, and Prosperity Transformation Coach committed to helping others “Live a Legacy Life”. She assists people to follow a proven system in order to achieve their health and prosperity goals and provide lasting, sustainable results.

Sue has over 40 years experience in the customer service industry, and has grown her client base through word of mouth marketing and client referrals, which is something she prides herself on. Having a true heart of service and compassion for others, she strives to inspire, educate, and empower individuals to live a happy, healthy, and prosperous life.

As a wife, mother of twin girls, and a grandmother to 3 grand-babies, Sue knows the importance of family life and balance. In fact, that’s the reason she left her 25 year career in financial services, so that she could be at home to care for her adult daughter who lives with a variety of special needs.

Sue’s interest in nutrition began over 30 years ago, shortly after the birth of her daughters, as she believed that could be a catalyst to ensure her daughter would thrive physically and emotionally. She is passionate about bringing others along on this journey, to not just restore their health and finances, but to see them thrive in all areas. You deserve more! More time, more health, more security, more success. You deserve to thrive too!


Glenn Field is a former Gym Owner and Personal Trainer with over 47 years experience in the fitness world. He is passionate about nutrient timing, and loves working with athletes.

Glenn provides specialized nutrition for optimal health and sports performance.